Windows 10 comes packaged with OpenSSH client. This can be used to access computers that have OpenSSH Server running. You can check to see if you have OpenSSH installed:

PS C:\> get-windowscapability -online | ? name -like 'openssh*'
Name : OpenSSH.Client~~~~
State : Installed
Name : OpenSSH.Server~~~~
State : NotPresent

From this output you can see the client is installed but not the server. This means you cannot SSH into Windows. To correct this, install the Server.

PS C:\> add-windowscapability -online -name openssh.server~~~~
Path :
Online : True
RestartNeeded : False

Now that it's installed you should configure the service to run automatically.

> start-service sshd
> set-service -name sshd -startuptype 'Automatic'

From a different computer on the same network you can now login via SSH by typing in the user name you want to use at the LAN IP: