Various warnings on what NOT to do.

Do not touch NTUSER.DAT

Early versions of Windows 10 this file was hidden properly. Just as in Windows 7 and 8. A few years ago this file suddenly became visible during in-place upgrades or fresh installs. It is still visible to this day. I'm relieved to say that most people leave this file alone if it is visible. Others, having never seen it before, think it's a virus and go to great lengths to remove it. Yup, it happens. If it is visible, you should hide it: attrib +s +h "C:\Users\NAME\NTUSER.DAT"

For those browsing and do not know what it is, simply put, it contains all the important data to make your user profile work. If removed, your user profile becomes broken.

You will be unable to log in. Trying to sign in you will see a "Preparing Windows" screen. It will fail. Windows creates a temporary account (roaming) that will be deleted when you log out. This is a standard user (no admin rights). Because of this, there is no option to create a new user from settings. Your options are limited. You can try to create a new account, or simply reinstall Windows. Additionally, restore points have proven to be useless. In the tests I ran, the dat file was not restored. In most cases you'll just have to create yourself a new profile. You can retrieve all your data once the new account is created.

"Cleaning" Tools

Software you should not use. These are known to cause problems for you and do things you really don't need to do. Driver updaters are snake oil and cleaners really are useless.

Please do some light reading.

Just to state this myself, you should never and I mean never use a registry cleaning tool. You are asking for trouble. The registry does not need to be cleaned! If something is conflicting that resides in the registry, you must first confirm that is the problem and ask a trusted support technician. All cleaning software does is remove caches and files that speed up your computer. Cleaning these files degrades performance and actually slows down your computer until they are rebuilt. It will also remove certain files that assist with the user experience. Like file and folder history, user assist history, etc. You don't need any of these "performance boosting" tools as they don't work. Driver updaters may install the wrong driver or one that may have corrupt or infected components. This may lead to blue screens, hardware failure and stolen data.