Temporary User Profiles

A temporary profile can be used to determine if existing profiles are corrupt. This is a non destructive process that, when you're done testing, you can remove all traces. You need to be admin to complete these steps.

  1. Go to C:\Users and create a new folder here. Give it any name you'd like. You can use test for simplicity.

  2. Open the start menu and search for netplwiz and press Enter. This will open the user account manager.

  3. Click the [Add...] button.

  4. Click Sign in without a Microsoft account at the bottom, and then the [Local Account] button.

  5. Use any username you'd like. You can use test for simplicity. No need to add a password. Click [Next] and then [Finish]

  6. Open PowerShell as admin. Type in net user test /PROFILEPATH:C:\Users\test /HOMEDIR:C:\Users\test

  7. Press Enter. You should see the message "The command completed successfully."

  8. Click the start menu and click your user account profile photo. You should see the new account "test" you just created.

  9. Login to that account. This account is temporary and will recieve a warning message on login about files not being saved after you log out. This what you want.

  10. When you are done with this account, log out and remove it with netplwiz. You can also remove the test folder.

If during testing you determined your profile is corrupt, create a new one from ntplwiz and login into it. There is no need to create the folder yourself as Windows will do this. You can copy over your data to the new profile.